Travel Itinerary for 2014

travel itinerary

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The past 24 months of my life have brought on many life changes. I feel now that I am more independent and self-reliant than I’ve ever been. I know that this comes with age but I really am for the first time on my own. One of the down sides of always having been in a relationship is that you are always tied down to someone. You may be able to do a weekend getaway but really being in a committed relationship that you want to continue to pursue will get in the way of just getting up and going on adventures, or at least it did for me.

One of the new parts of my life that I have discovered a passion for is travel. I have always loved spontaneous trips in the past and have tried to make them a large part of my life. Now that I have the resources and freedom to do so I plan on seeing a lot more of the world.

Over the next few years I have planned out quite the expansive list of trips that I will be taking and adventures I will set out on. This year is going to be the small start to get me used to a life of travel.

My trips for 2014 include:

April: Austin, TX –

A few friends and I will be setting out Easter Friday to our ranch rental just south of Austin, TX. We’re planning on visiting downtown Austin, floating the river in San Marcos, paddle boarding and seeing the touristy sites downtown. (Have to get them out of the way sometime.)

May: Panama City Beach, FL and New Orleans, LA –

My mom, sister and I will be heading out to Florida at the end of May to spend three days snorkeling, getting tattoos and enjoying getting a nice tan. While we’re there I plan on spending a day at a national park near our condo to get my snorkeling in as well as some bird and wild life watching. Near the end of the trip I will be going to see my buddy Darren at Black Cat Tattoo to get some more work done on my arms.

Once we finish up in Panama City Beach we will be heading to New Orleans, LA for a good time visiting historical sites, enjoying some creole and maybe even visit a VooDoo-er? We were able to use AirBNB to get a great rate on a really nice little loft style apartment right outside of the French Quarter. I’m hoping I run across some Originals while we’re there.

July: San Francisco, CA –

Hey fellow lady bloggers, anyone else going to the BlogHer conference? In July my mom, my sister and I will be headed back out to visit sunny California to attend a blogging conference for a weekend and then heading out to San. Fran. to explore all that Cali has to offer.

With all of those great trips planned I will still have 4 days of vacation to use this year! I’m hoping that I will get the opportunity to go to the mountains sometime this winter to try my hand at skiing. Other than that I’m sure I will have plenty of camping trips throughout Texas and Oklahoma.

Any suggestions for things to do on any of my travels this year? 

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