Goals for Another Glorious Year

I started off like most others stating to T what my New Years Resolutions would be for the year but after thinking about it I realized I didn’t know what the hell resolution actually meant. So I looked it up.

New Years Goals

A resolution is the act of finding an answer or solution to a conflict, problem, etc. I don’t really feel that I have any lingering problems that need resolving (other than mental ones) so we decided to call them our New Year goals instead. I feel like it sounds slightly more ambitious and this is going to be my year of personal awakening so I felt it was more appropriate.

Isn’t every year that year though. Really though guys. I can’t believe I’m already 27 and don’t feel like I’ve marked much off my accomplishments or bucket list. This is going to be the year. I’ve already started it off strong! Which leads me to the goals.

Goals I hope to am going to accomplish this year

That’s right bitches, I’m back.
My main (task) here is to write more consistently and more like myself, more my personality. Kind of a reflection of all of the wild things I think and usually will say. Except more videos and photos because I like those better than words sometimes. And sometimes they’re necessary.
3x per week? We’ll get there but for now I’m not trying to be too ambitious because I have school starting soon.
Learn more about the blogging world, how to maneuver in it, make friends and be awesome. Like with widgets and stuff.


This may be a terrible mistake that I’m going to regret financially but I have decided I’d like to go back to school to get my degree in computer science. On the plus side I will be the only female in the program and there are a lot of scholarships available that no one else is applying for.  I’m also taking some composition classes because I’m hoping they will improve my thought process so when I speak I make a little more sense to other people.

adult student

Hooray Adult Students (no this isn’t me but I guess I kind of look like that but with much flatter, lighter hair. Oh and tattoos.)


I have been trying for YEARS to learn piano but it just doesn’t ever seem to stick. I want to pay for private lessons but I can’t seem to find anyone reasonably priced. So I’m turning to you, YouTube. Please don’t fail me. I’d like to average at LEAST learning a song a month and by the end of the year I’d like to be able to read sheet music fairly well.


Be Healthy
This is kind of a generic goal but I just want to be generally healthy so it’s fitting. The main (tasks) are to

  • Eat dinner at home 5x a week. If you are curious what I’m eating these days because that’s a normal thing to want to know you can see my weekly updated meal plan here. (Note: It’s mostly Paleo. If you haven’t tried it you should give it a chance. It will make you feel awesome.)
  • Bring lunch 4x a week (I’m rocking at these two so far, guys)
  • Workout 3x a week (Not so much this one)


Make More Money
Really though, who isn’t trying to do this? My attack plan is to start up a little side gig which is TBD and make more money at my full time gig. Other opportunities I’d like to take on are selling all of my extra junk. I’m kind of a recovering hoarder, but not in the old food and cats in the closet kind of way. Also on the money front is better budgeting. It’s not making more money per-say but making better use of the money I already have.


Top 5 Personal Finance Blogs

personal finance

Image Source : 401(k) 2012 flickr

One of the main focuses in my life as I’m sure you have noticed in previous posts is personal finance. I’ve been in completely broke, in debt and living paycheck to paycheck, and it’s not a life I would wish upon anyone. I was happy to discover the concepts behind personal finance when I did because it allowed me to quickly dig myself out of the hole I had so willingly allowed myself to fall into.

The following personal finance blogs were and still are a big help in my journey to financial freedom and I hope they provide the insight you need to get your to a better financial state.


Without further ado and in no particular order…

Budgets are Sexy

J$ is my man! This is the first financial blog I ever came across courtesy of a pin I found on Pinterest. He writes about a broad range of topics all somewhat related to personal finances. My favorite of his posts are his Side Hustle series where he interviews someone with a unique side hustle to give you insight on a possibility to earn some extra cash. This is a great site if you are looking for fun reading with a lot of personality.

Young Adult Money

DC’s is another one of the blogs I lost my PF virginity to. His posts on ways to save money are killer. Another favorite of mine that he does is on Friday he does to Weekly round-up posts. One is a post with all of the current giveaways that are running on various blogs and the second is his favorite posts of the weeks. I was lucky enough to have my Tropical Green Smoothie recipe featured on his roundup post. Is it lame that I completely went geeky fan girl when I woke up to the email notifying me?

Project Ikonz

Project Ikonz is a relatively new blog but is full of great insight into the world of personal finance. Ikonz takes difficult concepts and breaks them down to you in an easy to understand fashion and covers a variety of topics. I actually find it ironic that on many occasions I’ve gone to visit his site and found his newest post was something I was recently looking in to. (including yesterdays post, but more details on that later)

The Broke and Beautiful Life

This blog that is helpful in the PF department but being a young adult female is one I can also very closely relate to. Her blog is primarily focused on finances but she also adds in very interesting opinionated posts and some girly stuff to boot.

Frugal Rules

John over at Frugal Rules has a very mature writing style. I read his blog regularly but the ones that stand out to me that have been very resourceful have been his posts on investing, real estate and credit card churning. He’s also recently written some posts on frugal travelling tips that I plan on utilizing very soon!

I hope you are able to find some time to check out a few or all of these blogs, they are definitely worth a gander!


What is your favorite personal finance blog and why?

Why it is Important to Have an Emergency Fund

emergency fund

Image Source : Tax Credit Flickr

Years ago when I graduated high school and started to earn a substantial income I had no concept of savings. I spent money as I earned it and lived paycheck to paycheck. It wasn’t until I read Dave Ramsey’s book Total Money Makeover that I learned my mentality on money was foolish. I was only 21 years old and had drowned myself in credit card debt and a terrible credit score to boot. I felt overwhelmed, like I had dug my own financial grave. It’s scary to feel as if you have no control and can’t get ahead. It is these obstacles that help us grow though. I knew I had to come up with a solution and Dave Ramsey’s book proved to be the key to my salvation.

Dave Ramsey has seven baby steps to financial freedom in his book and the first and most important in my opinion is to start building an emergency fund. The amount you should shoot for is dependent on your personal expenses but he recommends at least $1000. I found this goal to be fairly easy to reach in a short period of time and it has proven to be a good amount for my circumstances. Once you have that money saved away your emergencies won’t feel like emergencies. They will merely feel like a small bump in the road.

Why is it important?

For starters, if you get fired or “let go” you’re screwed without it. You can always resort to charging up all your credit cards, but that’s just going to get you into a sea of financial trouble. Don’t be a dummy.

You get socked in the face at a bar. Insurance only goes so far, beyond that you’re going to need to cough up some money to cover the extra expense to get your teeth fixed.

Your tire blows going down the highway. These things happen more often than we’d like them to.

For the average person with no money in savings these scenarios would cause anyone to go into a huge panic.  With a savings account built up these all become inconveniences. Savings give you peace of mind and financial security. $1000 may not be enough to live off of if you lose your job but it will give you some time to come up with a solution. If you feel more comfortable having more than aim for a higher goal. Even if you feel that you are currently living paycheck to paycheck, you can find ways to cut out non-essentials to slowly grow your savings account. If an emergency comes up, think carefully about the situation and be sure it is actually an emergency before you spend money out of your savings to fix it.

What changes have you made to help grow your savings?