Top 4 Brunch Spots Around Dallas

Okay, I’ll admit it. I’m a brunch snob. Not in the worst way possible. I get it from my mom. It is my guilty pleasure, beyond McDonald’s. Perhaps McDonald’s is the reason I have my weekend brunch cravings. Let me clear this up.

I like to eat relatively healthy but on the other hand I have McDonald’s for breakfast every week day. I kid you not. Burrito, sweet tea, and hot apple pie. They know me by name there. This has been going on just about as long as my desire for a weekend brunch. Enough rambling, on to the good stuff.
Best Brunch in Dallas

Top 4 Brunch Spots Around Dallas

(according to me and in no specific order)

  1. BuzzBrew’s Kitchen – If you’ve never been to BuzzBrew’s, you’re in for a real treat. BB is open 24-hours a day 7 days a week and truly caters to the drunk and hungover crowd. A favorite hangover cure of mine is their Chicken San Miguel. It is a juicy chicken plate topped with eggs, mozzarella cheese, onion, tomatillo sauce, and crispy tortilla strips served with a side of re fried black beans (amazing) and griddle tomatoes. The real sweet deal about BB; they have three locations spread across Dallas. Lemmon, Central and Deep Ellum. Seating in all locations seems to be decent, the chairs aren’t too comfortable but the wait isn’t too long. Their prices are very reasonable; probably one of the cheapest brunch spots I hit. Most breakfast meals will run you right around $9
  2. Dream Cafe – This was a recent discovery of mine. My mother and I went here a few weekends ago on a whim and were overwhelmed. My favorite part about Dream Cafe is that they are dog friendly! They have a lovely patio for outdoor seating but also a small amount of seating indoors for those not willing to bask in Texas heat. I ordered the Sunny Side: Granola-Crusted French Toast with fresh strawberries and crème fraiche and dusted with powdered sugar. Wow is all I can say. The combination of all of the flavors on this toast was to die for. It was crispy on the outside, soft and warm on the inside, all acting as a bed for fresh sweet strawberry’s and creamy goodness. The meal also came with a side of 2 eggs (cooked perfectly), bacon (yum), and pork sausage(meh) ringing up at around $12. They have two locations; Addison and Uptown.
  3. Bread Winner’s Cafe – Bread winner’s gets the gold for me for two things and two things alone. The Brunch Punch and their selection of Egg Benedict’s. The Brunch Punch is their twist on the mimosa. Instead of mixing their champagne with orange juice, the combine it with cranberry juice and St. Germain.  They do hold true to their name however. A ticket between T and I run us $60 for two plates and two drinks. Ouch. You can find their wonderful selections at multiple locations including East Plano, Uptown, Northpark, and Inwood Village

    Short Rib Hash from Oddfellow's

    Short Rib Hash from Oddfellow’s

  4. Oddfellows –  Oddfellow’s may be my favorite (but don’t tell the others.) If you are looking for an eclectic selection this will be your best bet. I have yet to try anything I didn’t love. The pancakes are extra fluffy, the Short Rib Hash is juicy and well seasoned and their benedict is always perfectly cooked to a yolky perfection. Prices here are decent. A meal will run you between $10-$20 depending on your taste. My one big tip for you: get their early. The noon brunch wait is a b*tch.


Where is your weekend brunch hot spot?