What Makes You Happy?

Hello blogosphere! It’s been far too long. My life has been crazy the last few months, or 5. I’ve lost a very beloved family member, rekindled an old romance, moved yet again and started some other great ventures.


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Now that you’re all caught up, I’ve decided to regain my passion for blogging and get my literary brain ticking again by doing the #blogtember challenge outlined here. I am about a week and a half late but I just figured I would catch up and only do the topics that interest me. It may seem lazy to some but I like to call it selective. I see no point in writing about topics I’m not interested in, wouldn’t you skip those too?

Starting with Sept. 2nd. What makes you happy?

What Makes Me Happy (in photos)

Having a good laugh with my best

Saturday morning breakfast w/my mom

Kayaking with my fur baby

New adventures

My girls


What else can a girl ask for? What are some of the things that make your day?

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