How to Grow Beautiful Lashes and a Review on Extensions

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A few weeks back, I entered in to one of the many Instagram contests I enter into on a daily basis, not thinking anything of it. A few days later I received an email from the host (Deep Fried Fit) that I had won a Eyelash Extensions from Amazing Lash Dallas along with some other great items. I was so freaking stoked! Despite entering hundreds of giveaways, this was my first time to actually win.

So like any humble winner, I thanked the host and began contacting all the companies to receive my items.

I was very intrigued about the eyelash extensions above everything and it really got me thinking. I had never even considered lash extensions but I have always loved the way false lashes widened and brightened my eyes. Would this be a good fit for me? I’m not exactly a girly girl. I take that back. I’m not at all a girly girl. I lost my hairbrush for a few weeks and never bothered to pick up a new one. I own a ton of makeup but I only do a full face maybe twice a month. Are extensions really for me?

Despite my reservations I went ahead and booked my appointment.

This is when my nerdy side kicked in. I research everything.

My brain pattern: Eyelash extensions? Sure! But then I thought… How do you improve your own lash health so you can grow your own beautiful lashes, naturally? Google!

From my research I learned:

Tip #1 – Don’t use waterproof mascara

Okay, this may be a little extreme. You’re thinking… but Heather what about when I go to the beach and I want to look like an uber hottie. Do so in moderation. If you do use waterproof mascara, make sure you stay sober enough to remember to wash your face at night. The chemical composition that makes your mascara waterproof is extremely drying to your lashes. What happens when your hair get’s dry and brittle? It falls out! Also, when you go to wash your face off, you tend to have to rub and rewash because that ish is resilient. In conclusion, don’t use it as a daily go-to. Save it for those special fresh-faced occasions or when tears are likely.

Tip #2 – Loosen up the ninja death grip on your curler

I feel like this one is a given, but worth mentioning. When you are using your curler be sure you are holding it when a very steady hand. It’s super easy to accidentally start pulling the tool away before you have completely loosened the grip on your lashes. Let it loose or your curler my take all your lashes with it. Ouch. Try to limit your hold to between 10-20 seconds so you’re not overdoing it.

Tip #3 – Take a multi-vitamin that supports healthy hair growth

Vitamins such as Vitamin B, C, and E, Biotin, Niacin, along with many others help promote hair growth as well as improves the quality of the hair that is coming in. One thing that many people don’t consider as well is improving their gut health. I personally have something called leaky gut syndrome.  This causes malabsorption of vitamins, even if I am taking them. If you feel like you have a relatively healthy diet or are not seeing any benefits to taking vitamins, it might be worth looking into improving your gut health. Some of the supplements I take for this are L-Glutamine, Digestive Enzymes, and Probiotics. I am not a doctor though, so if this sounds familiar, it might be worth asking for the blood work ;).

Tip #4 – Don’t wear old makeup

Most mascaras have an antimicrobial agent in them to help prevent bacteria from building up and giving your gross eye infections. This agent only stays active for between 3-6 months, so once you’ve reached that point, throw that bad boy out. Eye infections = rubbing eyes = losing lashes.

Tip # 5 – Find a good eyelash conditioner

Just like your hair needs to be conditioned, your lashes can use the moisture too. Lash conditioner generally contains keratin or biotin to help strengthen and moisturize your lashes. Conditioner is not something to look for to stimulate the growth of new lashes but rather helps to extend the longevity of your lashes. Also similar to the hair on our head, lashes naturally fall out and grows back. The less hair that is falling out while new hairs are growing back… the fuller your lashes will be.


Then there are people like me and others who have zero patience and want a quick fix. So in came the extensions.

eyelash extensions

My thoughts:

The experience itself went very well. I showed up to Amazing Lash Studio at Firewheel mall and was taken back immediately. The artist.. stylist.. (not sure what they are called) who did my lashes was very polite and helpful in assisting me to choose a style. Apparently when you go you should know the following things:

  • Length of lashes
  • Style of lashes
  • Color of lashes

I was so caught up in the though of growing out my lashes that I didn’t bother researching what you should know for the extensions. Oops. But now I know…

In the above photo I am wearing a size 12 extension in the “Gorgeous” style in black.

After they were finished, I was a little overwhelmed with how long they were. I didn’t consider the fact that I wasn’t wearing any makeup though. When I got home and put on my makeup for the night they looked awesome!  

Day 2 wearing them was even better. The first 48 hours you have them in you aren’t supposed to let them get wet so I had slept in my eye makeup. That morning when I woke up I literally crawled out of my bed and started my day. The lashes were still on fleek and I felt gorgeous. 

All in all I am happy with how they turned out. If I decide to get them redone I will probably tone it down to a size 8 or 9.

What tricks have you used to grow out your luscious lashes? Let me know in the comments below!

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