Goal Updates 4/4

Time for my bi-weekly check in.


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1. Read at least one new book a month
The month has just begun and I’m on the lookout for a new good book. I was simultaneously reading ProBlogger last month along with my school work and I have almost completed it. It is an all around great reference for anyone starting out in blogging. It covers everything from deciding on a name, choosing your niche, how to set everything up, monetization and much more. The book even includes a link to the ProBlogger website that is exclusive for his book readers. As far as this month goes, I will probably be reading a book that goes over travel (any suggestions?) but I’d also like to read a fiction novel to help me relax. (Once again, any suggestions?)

2. Make $800 in side hustle income by May 1st
I’ve actually been doing pretty great! I’ve made some extra money tutoring algebra, blog consulting, and through my affiliate program. I can’t wait to get my first check! Seeing the profitability of your hard work is really inspiring to work harder. Additional plans I have for further increasing my savings are having a garage sale next weekend, selling on eBay and craigslist for the larger more expensive  items, additional consulting work and starting to look for some virtual assistant work and other online endeavors. This coming month has so much potential, I can’t wait to see how it goes.

3. Work out at least 3 days a week
I’ve unfortunately been losing weight again thanks to some personal stresses but I have been getting in my workouts. I’m trying to stay away from too much cardio so I’ve been doing pilates, some body weight workouts and yoga before bed. Ah, in just one month I’ll be able to do yoga on the beach. Can’t wait.

4. Eat breakfast at home and bring my lunch to work every day
I’m not sure why this has proven to be such a difficult task to me. My main issue is that I don’t want to make a sandwich the night before and have it be soggy but I don’t wake up early enough to fix one in the morning and I have a really hard time getting up when I do without trying to make it earlier. I would be bringing leftovers but in a house with 6 people there’s no such thing.

5. Blog at least 4 days a week
Today is day 4! I am very happy with myself for keeping up with the blog despite the challenges this week and last week have thrown my way. Blogging is such a great way to escape and concentrate on something that is fulfilling. I really suggest anyone that’s intrigued by it to give it a try, even if you only write for yourself and never make it public.

No Spend Challenge

No spend challenge is over! It wasn’t a complete success but it wasn’t a total loss either. I wasn’t able to keep up with not spending on food but I was more conscientious of my gas usage and not spending money or splurging during the day. My only purchases were a birthday gift and an article of clothing I needed for an event. Now that the month is over I’ve made my first big purchase (planned one!) of a new compact waterproof camera to take with me on my travels! And it’s nice to not have such a bulky piece of equipment hanging around my neck.

My Pretty New Toy 🙂

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  1. No Nonsense Landlord says:

    Great Goals! I should have at least the work out one n my list too…

    Writing them down is the first step. I buy a pre-packaged frozen sandwich, like a burger or hot pockets, and throw them in the microwave at work.

    It’s not the same as a lunch made from home, and not quite as cheap, but easy to remember on the way out the door.

    • Heather says:

      It’s still much cheaper than going out to eat. I’ve been doing the same for breakfasts (special k breakfast sandwiches) and they are amazing.

  2. Jessie says:

    Great goals! It’s not exaaccttlly a travel book but I can really recommend ‘With Their Backs To The World’, it’s about Serbia, Bosnia, Kosova and that trouble-filled part of the world, very insightful. Also You Had Me At Hello by Maihri McFarlene is AMAZING, just enjoying that right now.

    Best of luck with your goals!

    • Heather says:

      Those both sound great, I’ll have to look them up. I’ve heard other praises about You Had Me at Hello as well so it must be a good one 🙂

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