The Cost of Pet Care

cost of pet careEver since I was a little girl I’ve always grown up with cats and dogs in the house. Into adulthood I couldn’t go long without starting the search for pets of my own. I started out with one cat, then two, then two cats and a dog. I love all of my pets dearly but being the young enthusiastic adult that I was I didn’t take into consideration the high cost of pet care.

I like to think I’m a relatively frugal person that is able to seek out great deals and even with doing so animals will set you back a pretty penny.

For my precious girl Winnie I’ve already put out nearly $250 on vet bills including her first rounds of shots and getting her fixed. There are low cost sterilization clinics, you just have to seek them out and be flexible on scheduling. I was able to get her fixed for $60 which is way cheaper than most veterinary clinics and we saw no complications.

In addition to medical expenses you also have to consider the cost of food, shelter, toys and other necessities. I probably spend about $21 a month on food and at least $10 a month on new toys to replace the ones that get destroyed. One thing that I’ve been blessed with is not having to put out money on shelter. I have very wonderful family and friends that have been willing to keep an eye on her when I’ve gone out of town.

Cost breakdown per year:
Medical expenses : $250
Food: $252
Toys: $120

Total cost: Approx. $622
And that’s just for one pet!

If you are considering getting a pet you should definitely consider the costs of caring for one. Adopting a new family friend is wonderful but you need to make certain you are going to be able to provide.

How have you pets improved your life?

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  1. No Nonsense Landlord says:

    More money saving tips for pets.

    I give my dogs shots myself. You can buy the vaccine in WI, which is close to MN. Other states you can buy it there too. It is $7, rather than $30.

    I have also removed dew claws on puppies and docked tails. When they are 3 days old or so, it’s not a problem.

    You can also insert the micro-chip yourself. Buy them on eBay, for $10, and do not forget to register the chip on-line.
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    • Heather says:

      Thanks for the great tips. I wasn’t aware those were all things you could do on your own. I’ll definitely have to look into doing the microchip, hopefully there are some YouTube videos on the process.

    • Heather says:

      Thanks! They have pet insurance here and I have looked in to it but it seems that it’s more expensive than just going to the low-cost clinic. Luckily I live near some lower income areas so it’s not much of a drop to go to the clinics and pop-ups that offer the vaccinations for next to nothing.

  2. @WilliamLipovsky, First Quarter Finance says:

    I agree with your overall premise that too few people acknowledge the cost of pet ownership. The costs keep coming year after year. If the life expectancy of your pet is 10 years and its 300 per year to care for her, then the moment you become a pet parent you are essentially spending $3,000.

    Funny thing about pet toys. My parents just got a new golden. They loaded up on expensive pet toys and then found out Oakley would rather play with sticks and pine cones! Go figure.
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    • Heather says:

      Haha, it’s the same with babies and dogs. They will never play with the toys you buy them, they always just want things from around the house. Anytime I ever buy Winnie a new toy she just wants to continue playing with ratty old ones.

      $3000 sounds like a hefty cost but the companionship she provides is well worth it IMO 🙂

  3. Robyn B says:

    i love having pets, but you’re so right that they are expensive! my husband & i both had a dog prior to getting married…. and now we have 2 and they are double the expense! so crazy!

    they’re worth it though!!! 🙂

    love your tattoo by the way!!

  4. Bancy Gaur says:

    I totally agree with Robyn. I also love having pets so much. I have already a two pets dog and both are so lovely. You’re right that keep the pets are so expensive.

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