Weekly Meal Plan Monday Week 1 with Grocery List

One of my favorite tools to utilize in order to save money and ensure I eat healthier is creating a weekly meal plan. I have a fairly busy lifestyle so there are a lot of nights that I rely on ready made meals but by planning them out and learning the best of the prepared meals I have learned great meals that are healthy, well balanced and don’t take up too much of my evening to prepare.

weekly meal plan

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Grocery List

Wheat Bread
Wheat Tortillas
Wheat Buns

Salad Fixings
Sugar Snap Peas
Dry Goods
Can Black Beans
Instant Brown Rice
Canned Turkey Chili
Old Fashioned Oats

Almond Milk
Shredded Fat Free Cheese
Fat Free Yogurt

Frozen Foods
Packaged Smoothies
Special K Breakfast Sandwich
Tilapia Fillets
Stir Fry Veggies
Mixed Veggies

Ground Turkey
Boneless/Skinless Chicken Breast
Sliced Turkey

Pantry Staples
Protein powder
Peanut butter
Baking soda
Baking powder
Lemon/Pepper seasoning
Salad dressing

Total Approx. Cost: $75 (for 2)


Want to save more money?

Make your own homemade tortillas, bread and buns.
Use your crockpot to make homemade chili and freeze the leftovers for future meals.
Freeze extra burger patties separated by parchment paper.
Use coupons for your hummus and  breakfast sandwiches or make homemade (I just love the special K ones but that’s me!)
Buy your produce from a discount produce store
Purchase meat in bulk when it goes on sale
Make extra batches of bread and freeze
Make your own homemade salad dressings

What’s your favorite weeknight meal?

Roasted Red Pepper Gluten-Free Turkey Wrap

In order to stay on track with one of my goals I have prepped some foods including cutting up vegetables, bagging snacks in appropriate portions, and preparing my lunch for tomorrow. In the past I have found the most success on not going out to eat by preparing a meal plan and pre-making as much of my food as possible. You can find recipes for this weeks meal plan here.

I had a long night at the gym so I was a little short on time but I was able to whip together this quick and easy gluten-free turkey wrap for tomorrow’s lunch weighing in at less than 300 calories per serving! I have mine chilling in the fridge; ready for me to take to work tomorrow.

Note* – I recently found out this particular wrap is not gluten-free. Sorry for the misinformation! If you would like a gluten-free option. Rudi’s makes a gluten-free spinach tortilla.

Roasted Red Pepper Gluten-Free Turkey Wrap Recipe

1 sheet California Lavash spinach wrap (Again,  if you would like a gluten-free option. Rudi’s makes a gluten-free spinach tortilla.)
1 slice Boar’s Head havarti w/jalapeno cream cheese
4 oz Boar’s Head low sodium turkey breast
3 tbs Sabra roasted red pepper hummus
1-2 cups baby spinach (preference)
1/2 cup orange bell pepper

Lay wrap lengthwise horizontally in front of you. Spread hummus evenly across wrap. Layer on spinach, turkey, cheese and bell pepper. Roll wrap firmly up being careful not to tear the wrap. Slice completed wrap in half. Enjoy!

Makes 2 servings. Serving size: 1/2 wrap. 265 Calories. 21 grams of protein, 11 grams of fat, and 23 grams of carbs. (Calculations based on MFP)

Super-Easy Baked Lemon Pepper Tilapia Recipe

Super-Easy Baked Lemon Pepper Tilapia Recipe

Note: This  recipe was posted on my previous blog and I’m transferring it here for easier access 🙂
I have been trying to “eat out of the pantry” for the past week or so since I have yet to go grocery shopping and I came across some individually frozen tilapias and thought they would be a great addition to the new meal plan I’d like to start going by. I didn’t want to get too involved on my ingredients. I wanted to use what was on hand so I whipped up with this simple tilapia recipe.

2-4 frozen tilapia fillets
Lemon pepper seasoning
1 Lemon
I cannot believe it’s not butter spray
Cooking Spray

Defrost tilapia fillets. Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Spray/grease 9×9 baking dish. Cut lemon in half. Squeeze lemon juice into baking dish.  Season both sides of tilapia fillets to your liking and place in dish. Spritz tops of tilapia 2x with butter spray. Squeeze a small amount of lemon juice over the top of each fillet. Using the other half of the lemon, cut thin slices and place them across the tops of the fillet. I use 1-2 slices per fillet. Bake in oven for 10-12 minutes or until cooked through. Tilapia should be white and flakey when finished cooking.

Makes 2-4 servings. Serving size: 1 tilapia fillet. 110 Calories. 20 grams of protein 3 grams of fat. Pairs great with brown rice and steamed broccoli.

Total Cost: $2.50 per serving