Why Everyone Should Try Mountain Biking at Least Once

try mountain biking

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I started riding trails about a year ago. I hadn’t ridden a bike since I was probably 12 but I went out to Walmart, bought the cheapest bike I could find and set out looking for adventure. The first time I rode went really great but halfway down the trail we realized we were going the wrong direction. (Note, trails have a direction, make sure you’re going the right way) We gathered ourselves, turned our happy butts around and made it back to the trail head and decided to call it a day. Since then, I’ve gained experience by trying different terrains and even doing maneuvering drills at home.

It’s a great workout

One of my favorite parts of riding is probably how it makes me feel. Gliding through the trails on a warm breezy day though the whispering trees is completely invigorating and creates a state of euphoria that is hard to find elsewhere. There are obstacles that you wouldn’t find riding roads that increase the level of difficulty and give you a great sense of accomplishment. After getting a few rides under your belt you’ll notice your endurance increase tremendously and your legs and butt starting to get nice and shapely.

The great escape

Every time I ride it gives me an opportunity to escape whatever is going on in my life. Whether it be good, bad, or neutral there’s always a need to get of your head for a while. You really have to concentrate while you’re riding. You have to take in the scenery and really get in tune with where the trail is taking you. It doesn’t allow time to worry about work or think about your relationship problems. It’s just you making your way through nature.

Happy Trails!

try mountain biking


What is your favorite way to escape?

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My Weekly Fitness Routine

fitness before and after

My whole life I have been affected by skinny bashing. Many people seem to think that being skinny is an entitlement and that being skinny means you feel beautiful and like you’re hotter than a bag of flamin cheetos, but that’s not the case. Growing up very skinny was filled with people asking me if i was bulimic, calling me anorexic, telling me to go eat another cheeseburger and even into adulthood telling me I don’t look like a “real woman” because I don’t have the curves of one.

People are beautiful for who they are not for what they look like. I’ve always tried to improve on my self as a person but media really does play a huge role in making people feel they need to be just as beautiful aesthetically. I personally have always tried to find a balance between the two. One of my long term goals has been to be “fit” not “thin”. In order to do that I maintain around 2500-2800 calories a day and workout pretty often. I feel like not only does it make me feel personally happier from all of those great endorphins but it makes me feel more confident and in turn more social.

To get me to my happy place I try to follow this fitness routine on a weekly basis but that’s not to say I don’t falter on occasion too. I’m only human 🙂


1/2 hour of Yoga
Pinterest Pick < I choose one approx. 30 min workout from my goals board on pinterest found here that focuses on whatever I’d like to work on for the day


Jillian Michaels – 30 Day Shred


One hour of Pilates < Great videos for this can be found here and here
One mile run


Spin Class < This one is a new one for me but I think I will be adding it in weekly
Upper body/arms w/the dumbbells


Circuit training < Give this one a try


More Squats
Have fun


One mile run
Pinterest pick < I choose one approx. 30 min workout from my goals board on Pinterest found here that focuses on whatever I’d like to work on for the day
Plank until failure

Motivation is Important

Don’t be too hard on yourself if you miss a day or two. Getting into the habit of working out is not an easy task; especially if you don’t have anything motivating you. Honestly, getting dumped (such a gross word) has been a major factor in me changing my habits as it’s not only given me something to do but it has given me that confidence back that left me when he did.  Whatever your motivation may be, let it drive you. Post pictures around your home of the goal body you’d like to reach; on the fridge, on the mirror, on your desktop at work. Anything that reminds you why you are doing it will help. Don’t forget to love yourself though. Just because you want that improvement doesn’t mean that you aren’t beautiful and loveable just the way you are.

Fitting it in Your Busy Schedule

fitness routine

There are plenty of ways to make time for fitness. If you are not able to follow a specific routine than you just have to make due with the time that you do have. Waiting for a pot of water to boil for dinner? Do some jumping jacks, crunches, push ups, anything! They even have workouts specifically written for people who don’t want to set aside or lose that time. See Google for “Lazy Girl Workouts”. Watching your favorite show? There’s at least 20 minutes worth of commercials that you could utilize for getting that beautiful booty you’ve always wanted. Where there is a will there is a way; how bad do you want it?

Do you have a favorite workout that you’d suggest? Help me switch things up.

Disclaimer-*I am not a licensed fitness professional. This routine does not guarantee results for you just because it has worked for me. Please contact a physician before doing any demanding physical labor that your body is not used to*
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