20 Something Syndrome – The Lessons of a New Condition

Welcome Friends! I’ll start this off by defining the word syndrome. Dictionary.com defines a syndrome as

[sin-drohm, -druh m]

1. Pathology, Psychiatry. a group of symptoms that together are characteristic of a specific disorder,disease, or the like.
2. a group of related or coincident things, events, actions, etc.
3. the pattern of symptoms that characterize or indicate a particular social condition.
4. a predictable, characteristic pattern of behavior, action, etc., that tends to occur under certain circumstances: the retirement syndrome of endless golf and bridge games; the feast-or-famine syndrome of big business

The idea for 20 Something Syndrome came to me recently. I was sitting at my desk, sulking over life and it came to me like a swift kick to the face. My life isn’t over yet. I have no reason to feel so devastated that I haven’t gotten to the finish line just yet. So why do I?
20s quote

Your 20’s are your selfish years. These are the years that you’re supposed to be finding yourself, or inventing yourself rather. The time to make your best and worst decisions. The time you learn the lessons that your mom’s always told you about. The time to fall in love and right back out.

A year ago I thought I had it all figured out. I really enjoyed my job, my love life seemed perfect, I had my own cute little place, no debt; life couldn’t be better. Now that I look back on it I was complacent at the worst time I possibly could be. I should be out learning and living and seeing the world. But no, what was I doing instead? Well, I’ll tell ya! I was sitting at home, cooking the least imaginative dinner and watching my sitcoms. I’ve been doing that same routine for pretty much the past 6 years of my 20’s. That’s all of my 20’s so far! This has all come to and end.

20 Something Syndrome is going to be a collection of past and future life lessons, travels, educational bits I’ve learned were necessary for surviving adulthood, adventures in love and likes, and occasional bits from the heart.


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